Bebe Burp offers 100 % Organic and Natural baby food with consistency in taste, health, and quality that is sugar made by following traditional grandma’s recipe with real fruits and veggies that is easy to prepare.


BharatX is a FinTech startup that enables Credit-as-a-Feature on consumer Apps within an Hour of Integration.


Biddano offers a unique healthcare marketplace to connect you with thousands of potential customers in your city.


BusinessOnBot (YC W21) aims to help 30 Mn+ D2C businesses in India acquire new users and sell on WhatsApp.


CouchFashion is a B-B Fashion Tech company. Their products help e-commerce companies and fashion brands boost sales and increase retention.

Do Your Thng

Do Your Thng is a branded content marketplace helping brands to get high quality personalized branded content created at-scale with real quick turn-around time, backed by data & ROI based approach.


FilterPixel is an AI Powered SAAS for photographers to select their best photos.


 A Cutting-edge SaaS Platform empowering the key players in the Freight forwarding ecosytem to go digital to seamlessly carry out their operations and save costs. 

ION Energy 

ION Energy is a technology company building advanced electronics and software for companies making the transition to new energies.


A SAAS Customer Engagement Platform for retailers and brands to create personalized post-purchase customer journeys using smart receipts technology.


Melorra, founded in 2015, is a company that styles jewellery for the contemporary wardrobe.


Nooble is a short-form social audio app, where users can consume and share 3-min audio shorts, powered by an AI feed. Audio is a fantastic way to consume and share information.

Optimized Electrotech

Optimized Electrotech (OEPL) is an Imaging Surveillance Company. OEPL is winner of Make in India for Defence Competition (IDeX) twice.


Prescinto uses Artificial Intelligence to identify causes of underperformance and suggest actions to improve generation in Clean Energy plants.


Pocketly is a microlending platform for young Indian audiences, facilitating credit to college students as well as early graduates.


StockGro is India’s first and leading learning based Social Investment Platform.


Vidyakul – India’s first vernacular e-learning platform that helps state board students to learn academics via live lectures and pre-recorded courses from the most prominent trusted local teachers.

Zypp Electric

Zypp Electric is on a mission to solve pollution by making all same day deliveries go electric. Idea is to disrupt and transform the future of the last mile delivery with EVs, IOT, Charging infrastructure…